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Passionate Behavioral Health Center
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upset man sitting in group therapy and listening to the psychologist with concerned familyFounded in 2019, Passionate Behavioral Health Center, Inc. is a CARF-accredited company providing community-based mental health services serving the State of Maryland. Promoting the mental health of all Maryland residents, our company is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of those with mental health issues, whether they be children, adults, or the elderly.

We work with our clients towards their recovery, developing programs that focus on treatment, prevention, early identification, and intervention along with the necessary supports within a safe environment. Before Stage 4 (B4Stage4) philosophy is our guiding principle which places importance on treating mental health conditions before they reach the most critical stages in the process.

Our Mission

The mission of Passionate Behavioral Health Center is to provide compassionate and highest quality healthcare to our clients and their families through mental health services and resources designed to achieve the best clinical outcomes along with exceptional service. Passionate behavioral health Center will promote community integration by implementing their services through community outreach and other mediums of support in order to impact mental wellness as well as increasing rates of recovery.

Our Vision

The Vision of Passionate Behavioral Health Center is to empower, embolden, encourage and teach our clients different health mechanisms using behavioral health techniques as well as committing to their recovery and mental wellness. Passionate Behavioral Health Center aims at being the leading healthcare provider for our clients, employer for our staff, and partner for our community in behavioral health services. We will carry out our vision by striving to passionately meet as well as exceed the set standards for quality mental healthcare.

Our Core Values

We instill our company’s core values in our entire staff with such values guiding them in serving our clients:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Service
  • Teamwork

Our Belief

Mental health conditions can be progressive. If left untreated, they can become worse, leading to fatal illnesses and incapacity. With this belief in mind, we develop and implement treatment programs for our clients’ full recovery, identifying mental health goals and helping them achieve success.

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