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Passionate Behavioral Health Center

Welcome to Passionate Behavioral Health Center, Inc.

Mental health is as important as any other aspect in a person’s life. When mental health issues are bringing you or your loved ones down, our highly qualified and trained mental health professionals will be there to provide the necessary support. Serving clients of all ages, our treatment programs are designed to help meet your needs and guide you towards full recovery.

Mission Statement

The mission of Passionate Behavioral Health Center is to provide compassionate and highest quality healthcare to our clients and their families through mental health services and resources designed to achieve the best clinical outcomes along with exceptional service. Passionate behavioral health Center will promote community integration by implementing their services through community outreach and other mediums of support in order to impact mental wellness as well as increasing rates of recovery. About Us »

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COVID-19 and Mental Wellness

Because of the coronavirus disease, lockdowns and quarantines are imposed all over the globe to contain this virus, which led to panic and stress. Let us stay mentally healthy by staying active, eating healthy food, doing cognitive exercises, and taking a break from the news every once in a while. From all of us here at Passionate Behavioral Health Center, Inc., stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands properly. Together, we can beat COVID-19.

Services We Offer

Treating mental health issues require a thorough evaluation of the clients' needs. After evaluation, the following services we offer may be included in the rehabilitation plan of our clients.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (Adults and Children)

Adult participants can receive help and support necessary for their rehabilitation.

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Intensive Outpatient Program (Adults and Children)

Our staff will be with our adult participants every step of the way without institutionalizing them.

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Partial Hospitalization Program (Adults and Children)

We offer partial hospitalization for children and adolescents as required by their conditions.

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Outpatient Mental Health Center Program (Adults and Children)

Children and adolescents can receive treatment without the need to live away from their homes.

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Other treatment programs are available to address our clients' specific mental health needs.

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